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5 Ways to Start your New Job the RIGHT Way

Here are five essential tips to help you with some of the big moments in your career. It’s all about being prepared, research, determination and self belief. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Resigning from your job and leaving on good terms is very important to build & maintain credibility in your career. Start by reviewing your contract which will give you an indication on how much notice you will need to provide, what you will need to return and how much you’re entitled to be paid out.

Next is to ideally resign in person, to your direct manager, with a resignation letter in hand. If an in-person meeting is not possible, then you could opt for a video or phone call. it is best to keep these resignation conversations as civil and professional as possible. If you are leaving your current employer for a position with a competitor, be prepared that you might be asked to leave on the same day as you are providing your resignation.

Before you start your new role, do as much research about your new company & employer as possible! Get a feel for the culture and dress-code by checking out their social media, add your new colleagues on LinkedIn, and touch base with your new Manager or Supervisor to ensure you are all set for your start date and if there is anything they need you to prepare prior, or bring with you on your first day.

It may even help to ask to do a meet & greet with everyone in the office before starting – this helps your first day nerves!

Processes, information, instructions, people’s names… take notes on everything! You will be able to revert back to these notes in the days and weeks to come, and will come in handy later in your career with you need a bit of a refresh!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – this is the only way you will learn, and it also shows your Manager or Supervisor that you are listening and taking in information, and that you are taking an interest in what they are talking about.

Finally, it is important to be yourself! Don’t be too hard on yourself trying to fit in quickly or trying too hard to be liked or adapting to your new workplace culture. It is natural to feel anxiety, stress, and exhaustion after starting a new role – in particular the first week!

It is so important to go back to basics and practice self-care and treat yourself by getting as much sleep as possible, exercising, meditating, keeping hydrated and indulging in something you enjoy.