Nobul Provides Expertise!

Our networks are unmatched.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Good help is hard to find”. It may seem like that on some days, but that’s because you haven’t yet worked with Nobul. We are so much more than just a typical “recruiter”, as our consultants are personally invested in each and every recommendation that you’ll receive.


Our networks are made up of both active and passive talent – our extensive networks of passive talent are where we add the greatest value to our clients. The passive candidate is a highly skilled professional who has been employed for a considerable amount of time in a company with a very good industry reputation. What it takes for this person to leave their employer is a genuine business that can better their current employment situation. Being an industry specialist focused on particular vertical allows us to be trusted informants of this level of candidate and building enough trust to be the bridge between their current situation and joining a new business.

You’ll also appreciate that Nobul is genuine and up front in all of our negotiations with clients. As a boutique firm that focuses solely on our specialist industries, we understand your frustrations in finding qualified help and the importance of getting it right. We know that sometimes certain situations need to be dealt with with extreme caution and confidentiality.

We can help you deal with these obstacles because we are genuine we understand exactly what you face during your employment searches. So no matter what kind of bind you may be in, we can tailor our approach to suit you.